Has Science Killed God?

Now and then, a powerful book comes along that we can fall into and be transformed in our relationship with God. Has Science Killed God? is such a book. This warm and deeply engaging landmark work is a progressive journey from the wonders of the universe to intimate closeness to God. It not only reveals why your Christian faith has everything to gain from close scrutiny by three key branches of human reasoning, starting with science, but it will touch something deep and true within you. It will stretch your mind and coax your heart all the way to God, so that you can acquire the peace and unity of spirit that can only come from complete confidence in him.

The book’s subtitle is Three Powerful Ideas that Will Reignite your Faith. These are:

  1. Science points to God more strongly today than ever before.  
  2. We can experience the presence of God in our hearts once we know how.  
  3. God’s ways make full sense, despite the suffering we see in the world.
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